One of Africa's last Great Adventure Destinations.

Cameroon has to be one of Africa's best kept secrets, the sheer power, resilience and beauty of Cameroon and its peoples is awe inspiring.

Discovered in 1472 by the Portuguese Navigator Fernando Po and subsequently influenced during it's colonial era by Germany, France and Britain, Cameroon has managed to blend it's European history with African culture, to give a cosmopolitan feel to it's cities and towns, while retaining it's original African landscapes and cultures in rural area's.

Situated close to the equator in West Africa, Cameroon covers an area roughly the size of France, and is one of the most politically stable and secure countries in Africa, enjoying a very relaxed atmosphere that manifests itself in the warmth and lifestyle of it's people who traditionally welcome the few foreign visitors they meet as an honoured guests.

A dramatic country as yet undiscovered by tourism, Cameroon offers an opportunity to experience parts of Africa virtually unchanged since the early days of exploration, and has only recently began presenting itself to the world of Adventure Travel as a new and exciting destination.

With an abundance of natural resources, Cameroon also boasts a wealth of ecosystems and a natural splendour unsurpassed in Africa, from the lush tropical Rain Forests in the south, to the Sahel Savannah in the north, and from palm fringed deserted beaches to the majestic mountains and volcano, this country has an incredibly rich blend of landscapes and cultures providing a unique experience suitable for both the novice and veteran traveller.

Should you choose to join our expeditions you will be left in no doubt that you have arrived at one of Africa's last frontiers for the adventure of a lifetime.

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