Tourism & The Environment :

Cameroon Adventure Expeditions are committed to responsible adventure tourism and the conservation of the environment.

Tourism is now the worlds largest single industry and adventure travel one of the fastest growth area's. A strict code of practice by tour operators is essential to safeguard these vulnerable eco-systems for future generations to enjoy.

Our Policies Are .....

Conservation & Research ....

During the 1997 YEAR OF THE REEF initiative we instigated, and with Bristol Zoo, Chester Zoo and Deep Sea World of Scotland financially supported a preliminary survey of the apparently unknown coral reefs of Cameroon. The purpose of the survey was to compile a report on the general status of the reef in terms of bio-diversity and physical statistics and to identify the fauna and flora to ascertain their health, ranges and origins.

Current Status Of Project : Based on the findings of this survey, negotiations are currently taking place with representatives of the Cameroon Government and two international organizations, with a view to fund further research and conservation projects.

Other Conservation Interests : At a local level we support the following projects : Limbe Animal Centre, Korup Park, Limbe Botanical Gardens.

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