Cameroon Adventure Expeditions is pioneering an innovative concept of adventure travel in Cameroon. Our travel philosophy is very different from that of the larger operators in mass tourism, consequently, as a small specialist organisation, we are able to provide an attention to detail, and service to group members that is second to none.

Our tours are well suited to the independent-minded adventure traveller who may believe, as we do, that the only way to discover the essence of a country is to become a part of it rather than just observe it. We seek to introduce our clients to a broader picture of Africa; one that embraces the indigenous cultures and remote wilderness areas, in a manner suited to the ecological commitments of our times. If you usually prefer a destination that caters for mass tourism, this may not be for you- in fact, its more than likely the only other travellers you will see during the tour are your fellow group members.

As part of our philosophy to protect the wildlife and environment, we are committed to support and enhance the economy and employment situation within our areas of operation, by utilising local hotels, transportation and human resources. For example, many of our guides and porters are from the tribes whose land we cross, and who are more often than not the former hunters of the local wildlife, such as Elephant or Gorilla, the very animals they now strive to protect. We are also committed to the support of various local conservation projects, and have instigated and funded conservation projects directly within Cameroon.

As with any new undeveloped travel destination, it is the early days that tend to be the most exciting, Cameroon being no exception - there is more than enough here to excite and satisfy the most experienced adventure traveller.

If you have never taken part in a tour of this type before, and feel a little apprehensive about the type of activities involved, we would point out that many of your fellow group members have also never undertaken such travels before, and that for most, climbing the highest mountain in West Africa, or trekking through one of the worlds oldest rainforests will be an incredible new and rewarding experience that is well worth the effort. Some may deem the occasional road as 'challenging' ( "road" being a dusty track or dried out river bed ) - this is just part of the adventure. You do not have to be exceptionally fit as the trekking pace is easy to moderate, always leaving plenty of time to admire the scenery. No particular skills or experience are needed - a reasonable level of fitness, an appetite for adventure, an open mind, and a sense of humour are all you need to get the most out of your African adventure.

Since arriving in West Africa in 1981, we have acquired the considerable knowledge and experience that we believe is essential to operate this kind of adventure tour, so you can rest assured that you will be in safe hands.

No matter how much you absorb from documentaries, books or films about Africa, nothing can quite prepare you for the real thing. Even if you have explored Africa before, a visit to Cameroon has to be without a doubt, a journey of both geographical and personal discovery never to be forgotten.


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